Write your own rules: Chris Spice & Chris Pitt

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In this episode we talk to Chris Pitt, CEO of First Direct and Chris Spice, Performance Director of British Swimming. We talk about how to train resilience, get comfortable with managing uncertainty and the role of purpose in high performance.

Chris Pitt:

A career marketer specialising in financial services. Driven by an interest in understanding what matters to people and communicating brands and propositions that deliver to their needs. I am particularly interested by the intellectual challenge of new ideas and business opportunities.

Leader of an organisation with an unparalleled reputation in customer service in a category not famed for it – banking. On a mission with all my colleagues to challenge the norms and behaviours of the banking industry to deliver on what matters for people by continuing to be humble and inquisitive in all that first direct does and aspires to do.

Chris Spice:

Chris Spice joined British Swimming as the National Performance Director of swimming in April 2013 and has overseen a restructuring of how elite swimming is managed and developed in Great Britain.
Spice led Great Britain to its best ever performance at an Olympics for over 100 years and during his tenure so far over 85 international medals have been won by British swimmers.

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