The Resilient Leader

What is The Resilient Leader Coaching Programme?

The Resilient Leader coaching programme is your invitation to understand, take control of, and increase your capacity to be resilient.

We define resilience as the capacity to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, challenge or adversity.

We believe this is a trainable skill and the aim of this programme is to empower you with the knowledge and a methodology to find another level to rise up to.

“My family and team at work have noticed a massive change – I’m far better at managing stress”

How our Coaching Builds Resilience

Our interactive live coaching programme will improve your resilience capacity and will enable you to sustain high-performance through periods of challenge. 

The coaching programme teaches individuals and teams the skills to optimise self-management for life through coaching questions, group discussion activities and individual reflection.  

We will develop your awareness of the different resilience domains and unlock ways to create a performance advantage from these. 

The four resilience domains that we’ll cover are: 

  • Identity – Engaging others according to purpose, core & aspirational values.
  • Emotional – Self-awareness & self-regulation of actions & reactions within your environment.
  • Mental – Maximise cognitive function though managing demands & sharpening focus.
  • Physical – Optimised exercise, nutrition, hydration, sleep & recovery.  

At the beginning of the programme we’ll ask you to answer a series of questions to track your resilience capacity against each domain and see how this improves as a result of the programme. 

Who is The Resilient Leader Coaching For?

The Resilient Leader coaching programme is suitable for individuals, teams and whole organisations who want to improve their resilience and unlock improved performance and motivation at work. 

Whether you are an individual interested in improving your personal resilience or an HR or business director looking to support your employees, the coaching programmes are tailored to fit your needs. 

Prime Resilience
How does it work?

The coaching programme can be delivered in person or via Zoom. It is 3 hours long. 

Throughout and after the programme you will be encouraged to engage with additional activities and reading in your PRIME Resilience workbook and reflect on various coaching questions in order to get the most out of the programme.

You’ll gain access to a platform with useful resources to support your ongoing development and help you embed your learnings for yourself or your team.

Our coaches

Our experience at the very highest levels of the sporting world across a combined 11 Olympic games has given us first hand experience developing world class teams. Each TR coach provides a unique perspective, born from their competitive sporting background and translated into the business environment

Our coaching methodology is grounded in sports science and psychology and has been honed using our experience coaching many leadership teams across all sectors to maximise their potential. 

Katherine Moor Track Record
David Carry Track Record

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