Track Record Emerging Leaders

“This programme has transformed my leadership style. The models are easy to apply and I am a far more confident, and better leader because of it”

The TR  Emerging Leaders Programme supports developing leaders through a coaching approach by empowering them to develop their leadership style and skillset across all four aspects of talent development – skills, knowledge, attitude and behaviour.

The programme provides participants with practical, applicable concepts and how to integrate them to ensure a greater self-awareness and understanding of how to create and sustain a high-performing team environment.

All of the methodologies and content are rooted in our heritage of Olympic sport,  neuroscience and drawn from our extensive experience working with top-performing individuals and teams.

How does the programme improve leadership? 

  • Creates a common language around high performance.
  • Instantly applicable methodologies.
  • Increases leadership skill level.
  • Gives confidence that you’re spending time and energy in the right place.
  • Get your own playbook with the disciplines and habits needed to drive performance.

“The guys are fantastic and the impact on my leadership style has been massive.”

Our Coaches

Our experience at the very highest levels of the sporting world across a combined 11 Olympic games has given us first hand experience developing world class teams. Each TR coach provides a unique perspective, born from their competitive sporting background and translated into the business environment

Our coaching methodology is grounded in sports science and psychology and has been honed using our experience coaching many leadership teams across all sectors to maximise their potential.

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What Will I Get From The Programme?

The tools to stop avoiding difficult conversations and become proactive about performance conversations

Move away from transactional team calls to increasing team cohesion through meaningful conversations

Highly impactful fun experience to support leadership development

Create a common language of performance within your business

Embed a cohort support mechanism within your business to support learning and resilience 

Develop coaching and leadership skills in key areas of performance 

Improve individual resilience, confidence and leadership skills

Learn practical methodologies to optimise a team environment

“Found the whole experience to be transformational and fascinating, on both a personal and professional level.”

Programme Outline

Day 1: Stress as a Performance Advantage

  • Develop self awareness and self regulation tools for stress and challenge and increase your resilience capacity. 
  • Understand your triggers and techniques to shift yourself between different states to optimise your energy and performance. 
  • Unearth your limiting beliefs and explore ways to reframe situations to improve confidence. 
  • Explore how role modelling can support your leadership and ways that you can create a high-challenge, high-support environment for your team. 

Day 2: Olympic planning, Define your Win, Boost Team Confidence

  • Define your Win as an individual and as a team and learn how to use this as a motivating tool and way to keep individuals and teams on track to maximise potential. 
  • Explore how values and behaviours contribute the environment we create for others and how to use this to create a performance advantage. 
  • Develop a ‘team charter’ to dial up accountability and optimise the way your team works together.
  • Understand the power of language as a leader and develop coaching skills to motivate others.
  • Learn techniques and language for more productive appraisals, team check-ins and debriefs.
  • Explore the ways that leaders can build team trust and psychological safety.
  • Develop self-awareness around your unique leadership style and strengths and consider ways to maximise the contribution of different individuals within a team environment

Who Is This Programme For?

The emerging leaders programme is suitable for any leaders within a business looking to upskill their leadership approach or explore areas of performance advantage for themselves and their teams.

What Our Clients Say

“The content was awesome and I am going to utilize it in the job and in my career to come.”

“Found the whole experience to be transformational and fascinating, both on a personal and professional level. The science and logical explanations behind many of the exercises also resonated with my own thinking/ approach to mental development.”

“I really enjoyed the training, to not just hear the real world examples but to be coached as opposed to talked at made the trainings much easier to accept the material and want to implement.”

“Overall a very useful three days that reminded me about the importance of looking after myself and considering how my stress levels and emotions can strongly impact behaviour and responses. The best part for me was that it gave me some practical and tangible steps to improve the way I lead my team, the way we approach projects and challenges, and the importance of defining ourselves and our behaviours/values.”

“This program was amazing – but also really appreciate the voice that it gives our layer of management to communicate upwards to the executive team through TR. Very powerful.”

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