The Confident Leader Coaching Programmes

Equipping leaders with vital skills to thrive in unpredictable environments.

The Confident Leader coaching programmes are designed for leaders, at all levels of an organisation, to enhance their leadership skills for both themselves as individuals and to support their teams.

Our coaching approach ensures that each person has a tailored experience, has cohort support and is able to immediately apply the concepts to their own workplace performance.

We have drawn upon our experience of what it takes to create sustainable high-performing teams and environments to develop the following 3 programmes:

  • 1 Day Introductory Deep Dive
  • 3-month Leadership Skills Programme
  • 6-month High Performing Leaders Programme

“Since applying TR thinking to my leadership I have had amazing results with my team, I’m a far better leader”

Introductory Deep Dive Days

1 day interactive workshops focused on building team resilience, enhancing leadership confidence, fast-tracking team trust and setting up sustainable high performing teams.


Focused time on fully understanding the topic and how it can be applied to create an immediate performance gain.

Create a common language around the topic within the team/organisation.

Learn how to apply it to yourself and the team.

Designed for organisations to:

Deep dive into a concept to create a performance gain for the individuals and organisation.

Equip their leaders with practical performance skills around a specific topic.

Programme Schedule

1 day in-person event

“The experience was awesome and I am going to utilise it in my current role and in my career to come.”

Leadership Skills Programme

The 3- month leadership skills programme is designed to support a cohort to create a common performance language, uplifting their leadership performance as an individual and team leader.

Designed for organisations to:

Support their leaders to prepare for and adapt to a leadership position and/or demands.

Develop more advanced leadership skills at specific levels than they currently have due to organisational strategic or cultural change, rapid promotion, scaling etc.

Develop a cohesive leadership approach within the organisation through a shared framework and language around performance


Fully equip leaders with the knowledge and toolkit to lead confidently in any context.

Develop cross-functional collaboration and connections.

Practice and develop skills to implement immediately.

Real-time problem-solving and trouble-shooting skills

Programme Schedule

1 day in person event

Followed by 3 virtual 90 mins interactive sessions.

Half day wrap up

3 months online access to coaching platform

Cohort learning groups of 6

Numbers only limited by venue, minimum numbers apply.

“It gave me tangible steps to improve the way I lead my team and the way we approach projects and challenges”

High Performing Leaders Programme

Individualised bespoke programme supporting top talent to flourish within their working environment, introduce them to cutting edge techniques to improve their leadership, develop meaningful relationships with senior leaders and understand their pathway and contribution to the organisation.

Designed for organisations to:

Retain top talent.

Offer personal value to your people and enable them to thrive.

Create a strong sense of belonging and care.

Offer a bespoke leadership skills programme to increase their leaders skillset and ability to motivate themselves and others.

Create stronger links between leaders within the business.


Fully equip leaders with the knowledge and toolkit to lead confidently in any context.

Understand how to access the full capacity of themselves and their teams.

Support leaders holistically as individuals.

Improved retention and engagement of leaders and their teams.

Increased confidence within the cohort and felt by their teams.

Programme Schedule

2 or 3 day in person event

Individual coaching support

6 months online access to coaching platform

Cohort learning groups of 6

Maximum 30 people per programme.

Client Testimonials

“Found the whole experience to be transformational and fascinating, both a personal and professional level. The science and logical explanations behind the approach also resonated with my own thinking/ approach to mental development.”

“I really enjoyed the training, to not just hear the real world examples but to be coached as opposed to talked at made the trainings much easier to accept the material and want to implement.”

“Overall a very useful three days that reminded me about the importance of looking after myself and considering how my stress levels and emotions can strongly impact behaviour and responses. The best part for me was that it gave me some practical and tangible steps to improve the way i lead my team, the way we approach projects and challenges, and the importance of defining ourselves and our behaviours/values.”

“The guys are fantastic and bounce off each other very well, and I am a far better manager already because of it.”

“This program was amazing – but also really appreciate the voice that it gives our layer of management to communicate upwards to the executive team through TR. Very powerful.”

Unsure which programme would benefit you most?

Get in touch with one of our coaches to discuss which programme is most suited to your needs


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Our coaches all have years’ of experience in the elite sporting world. Through our combined experience across 11 Olympic Games we have developed bespoke coaching methodologies with proven results.

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