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Confident Leader Coaching – Step 1

Did you know that bad hires and a suboptimal team environment can result in a 32% drop in employee motivation, and a 36% drop in productivity?

Is this something you can afford to ignore?

We create engaged and consistent high performers for less than 10% of the cost to re-hire and train.

By investing in developing your current team and helping them grow into confident, reliable leaders, you will conserve time and energy that can be redirected into the strategy and growth of your business. 

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Here are some of the brands we’ve transformed by developing confident leaders. 

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As a result of going on this programme, we recognise how to get the most out of each other more by identifying drains and gains. Understanding that when I’m in a threat state this is likely having a negative impact on the overall team. I’m interested to see how I can manage this and the impact that has on the team. I feel more confident in giving good, constructive, useful feedback.

Senior leader at Butternut Box

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Motivation is done by people,
not to people.

It is not the role of a leader to ‘make’ someone motivated. An effective leader creates an environment where individuals can align their purpose and ambition with the organisation.

Wouldn’t it be incredible not to rely solely on increased salaries and benefits to retain your team?

We coach leaders to be able to help their team members be more ambitious, feel more supported, and consistently role-model desired behaviours.

Access leadership coaching based on our Olympic heritage personalised to your team

Find out how our learnings from over a decade of elite sports training – and a combined 11 Olympic games – can help transform your team.

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