Case Study

Supporting Teams
to Increase Resilience Capacity


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The Challenge

A business that has previously had an effective culture felt they had lost some of their cultural spark due to extended home working as a result of COVID and were keen to find ways to reset team identity and energy.

Track Record Support

We delivered our Resilient Leaders coaching programme to the leadership and management team to strengthen their resilience capacity, support them to do this for others and to create a common language around stress, pressure and performance.

The Resilient Leader gives participants practical concepts, models and tools to reframe how we see stress, improve individual self- awareness about resilience and coach participants to increase their resilience capacity for themselves and co-create a challenge state environment for their team.

Ongoing access to an online platform means that participants can continue their development after the programme by referring back to an extensive library of materials explored during the sessions and giving them the resources and language to apply these to their teams.

resilience programme image
resilience programme image

The Impact

Participants reported a significant shift in their mindset around stress, an increased sense of ownership and understanding of their performance and improvements in their resilience capacity.

Feedback showed that many participants were applying the models and framework to themselves and their teams and seeing a performance advantage as a result of the positive changes they have been able to make following the programme.



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