Gain a competitive advantage by tracking and proactively addressing predictive markers of individual and team performance.

Where do you need to focus your energy to Win Well?

We have drawn upon our Olympic heritage and academic research to design this series of performance metrics aiming to answer this one simple question.

This goes beyond the broad brush of employee engagement surveys or company pulse surveys and focuses on the leading performance indicators of winning well.

Our Olympic experience tells us that measuring the outcome of success alone is not enough. In order to affect performance that delivers a successful outcome a team needs to have an accurate read of where they stand, a true sense of their starting line and when they are on or off track.

The TR Scoreboard is a stand-alone product providing your business with the ability to track the leading indicators of a high-performing team.

Performance Tracking

We have distilled the critical elements of high performing individuals, teams and organisations to provide insights across the following key areas: team environment, resilience, confidence and team trust.

Team Environment Tracker

Measuring the effectiveness of the team environment.

All three components need to be balanced and at a high score otherwise it has a significant limiting effect on the team’s ability to achieve its potential. Tracking these areas will support you in targeting the performance advantages your team can leverage.

  1. High levels of Expectations – Each player in the team has clarity in where the bar is set.
  2. High levels of Support – Each player feels supported to deliver their best performance within the team
  3. Role Modelling – There is strong evidence of the players within the team upholding the behaviours and performance level expected.

Where all three areas are present and a high and equal level, the team can expect to deliver their optimum performance level. However if the levels are low or uneven it can have a significant limiting effect on the team’s ability to achieve its potential.

Prime Resilience Tracker

Measuring the ability to prepare, recover and adapt to high stress and pressure environments.

By tracking this performance metric across five domains of resilience (Physical, Recharge, Identity, Mental and Emotional) an individual is able to unearth any areas that may be suppressing or unnecessarily draining their energy. Crucially it acts as an early warning system increasing the chance of spotting issues before they lead to exhaustion or burnout.

For an organisation it enables the hot spotting of any areas of concern to enable swift and targeted support to be offered to ensure that short term depletion of resilience does not lead to long term burnout or suffering.

Confidence Tracker

The belief, ownership, clarity and commitment to deliver the optimum performance.

We have found confidence to be a critical element when it comes to a winning team. The absence of it leads to uncertainty, anxiety, lack of ownership and lower levels of commitment to an organisation.

Through our academic research we have discovered the distinct areas required for an individual, team and organisation to be able to generate the confidence to perform increasing their sense of contribution, ownership and clarity in the win.

For an individual the report gives them confidence that they are focusing their energy on the things that will create a positive impact.

It provides insight to the perception gap between the level the leadership team think they are operating at versus the perception of the rest of the business.

Team Trust Tracker

The shared belief that the team consistently demonstrates the two key components of trust – character and competence in order to achieves the team’s win.

Trust is a critical component of any team. Teams with high levels of trust are able to deliver higher quality and higher speed outcomes. They have been shown to have twice as much energy and to be 50% more productive.

The tracker gives clarity for each member within the team on how trusted they are and what their teammates need more of from them in order to build trust. This results in less wasted time and energy and more focused on the team win.

Enhanced Data-Powered Coaching

These can be a standalone product or are used during leadership coaching to act as your team conscious – keeping you on track and ensuring a focused measure of performance in the areas that have a direct contribution towards success.

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