Summary of Lifestyle Assessment

PRIME Resilience Lifestyle Assessment is a tool to evaluate stress, recovery patterns and physical activity to enable you to improve your well-being and resilience

  • Lifestyle Assessment provides individualized insights and methods for better stress management, sufficient recovery and appropriate physical activity

  • The 24-7 assessment in daily life brings out lifestyle factors that support or impair well-being and good performance, and helps identify the causes behind overload, stress or poor recovery.

  • We then follow this up with a coaching session to help you to understand your report, identify performance advantages you can create through winning habits and support you to embed these to upgrade your resilience capacity.







How and where the electrodes should be attached?

Attach the electrodes to the cable and device end. Remove the protective back cover of the electrodes. Attach the device end to the right side of the body under the collarbone and the cable end to the left side of the body on the fib cage. Make sure that the electrodes hold and the contact to skin is proper. To improve the contact it might be necessary to shave the chest hair from the contact area.

Electrodes and skin irritation

The adhesive or conductive gel in the electrodes can irritate your skin, but you can slightly alter electrode location when you change them. To avoid irritation, please wipe your skin clean and dry after you remove the electrodes. If the electrodes cause a rash, the irritation is significant or you suspect an allergic reaction, you should end the measurement right away and clean your skin well afterwards. If needed, contact a doctor.

What is the right way to attach the Bodyguard device?

Bodyguard 2 (with one cable):
The device’s bigger part should be attached to the right side of the body under the collarbone and the cable end to the left side of the body on the rib cage.

What should be done if the Bodyguard device does not work?

If you don’t see the device’s green led flashing during measurement first you should check this again in the dark room. This is because the led is quite dim and it might not show in the daylight. If the led light is not flashing at all check that electrodes are attached properly and their contact to the skin is intense. If the electrodes are loosened, change the electrodes (shaving chest hair might be necessary if the electrodes do not get the proper contact to the skin). Check also that the device is attached in the right way.

The device’s led stopped flashing during exercise:

Strong sweating (for example during exercise) may weaken the electrode contact as well as expose the device to heat and humidity. Because of these things the device may lose the heart rate signal and stop blinking. Before continuing the measurement you should clean and dry the device and your skin carefully. Change also the electrodes.

The device does not start blink after shower:

After shower your skin might be still a bit wet which is why the electrode contact is weak and the device cannot find the heart rate signal right away. Also using of the moisturizing cream reduces the electrode contact until the cream is properly absorbed. After shower dry the skin well and wait until the moisturizing cream is absorbed if needed. Change also the electrodes. If the device does not start blinking right away let it stay attached and check the situation again after half an hour.

If the device still does not turn on, please contact the organizer of your Assessment for further instructions.

What should be done if the measurement cannot be conducted during the settled dates?

Please contact the organizer of your Assessment and inform them about the delay and settle a new date.

What should be done if the personal information/journal link does not work?

Please contact the organization that arranges your Assessment. They can reactivate the link. Also check the Internet browser you use. If you are using the Internet Explorer the version should be 9 or newer. You can check the version number by selecting ‘Tools’  ‘About…’. If the version is old, please update the browser. The updating the browser might be necessary with other browsers too.

Can the Bodyguard device be worn in shower or sauna?

No. Firstbeat Bodyguard is protected against moisture, so it can be used for example during exercise, but the device is not water proof and must be removed during showers, sauna and swimming.

Can the measurement be done during illness?

It is not recommended as illness is a remarkable stress factor. Because of that the measurement will not give the real image of the situation and the results might be falsely much worse than in healthy days.

Can the measurement be done during pregnancy?

Yes, measurement can be conducted during pregnancy and the device will affect neither the mother nor the baby. However it is good to remember that pregnancy influences on physiology especially after the first third. The minimum heart rate will increase and heart rate variability will decrease during pregnancy.

Can the Bodyguard device be used in an airplane?

Due to the tightened security guidelines it is not recommended to conduct a measurement during air travel. In addition it is not sure what the scanning of the security check will do to the measurement. If attending a flight during the Assessment, please detach the device and the electrodes before security inspection. The measurement can be continued when arrived to the destination.

Can I use other heart rate monitors while wearing Bodyguard device?

Yes you can. The Bodyguard device only records the heart rate signal collected via electrodes. It does not receive signals that may distract the measurement from other devices. And vice versa it does not send any distracting signals to other devices. Nevertheless make sure that the strap of the heart rate monitor does not rip or detach the Bodyguard cable from the electrodes.

Do the used electrodes need to be returned?

No. Please throw used electrodes away with the normal garbage.




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