What does it take to win?

Cultivating Leadership : Kelly Grier & William McNabb

We sit down with Kelly Grier and William McNabb to discover how to blend personal ambition with team success. They share how competitive spirit and team synergy can propel organisations forward. This episode is a masterclass in cultivating a robust team culture. We explore the strategies that turn individual stars into team players who champion the collective objective. We discuss the terrain of leadership development, from hands-on contributions to the finesse of mentoring up-and-coming talent. About Kelly Grier : Retired US Chair and Managing Partner (CEO) of Ernst & Young LLP (EY), a global professional services firm, in July 2022,…
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Decoding High Performance : Patrick Harding & George Hadjigeorgiou

Patrick Harding and George Hadjigeorgiou, our esteemed guests and leading figures in their respective domains, share narratives that decode the essence of high performance. They contend that it’s about surpassing self-imposed milestones and the silent benchmarks instilled in our early years. With riveting anecdotes, they elucidate how consistency in action and behaviour is paramount, regardless of the situation at hand. This episode explores the art of bouncing back from failures and the importance of detaching one’s sense of self from performance outcomes. Together, we examine the strategies akin to those used in elite sports coaching that can be seamlessly integrated…
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Exploring Fear, Resilience & Purpose: Jamie Crummie & Craig Morris

How do you tackle fear and find resilience and purpose in your career? In this episode, we explore these topics with Jamie Crummie, co-founder of Too Good To Go, and Craig Morris, an Olympic and high-performance coach. We look at balancing purpose and performance in business. With the unique perspectives of Jamie and Craig, we explore the challenges of meeting the expectations of stakeholders and coaches and discuss the crucial need to move away from a system solely focused on rewards and recognition. Jamie and Craig also share their views on creating an environment for others to flourish. This is…
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Using Setbacks to Reset: Danny Kerry & Julie Deane

In this episode we are joined by Danny Kerry, Head Coach for Team GB Men’s Hockey Team, and Julie Deane, CEO of Cambridge Satchel Company. We talk to them about the importance of self awareness in leadership which recognises when you don’t always get it right and being able to use setbacks and feedback to redefine your identity and create momentum. The honesty of these two guests and the experiences they share highlight how courage to face into the truth can unlock your real potential.
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The Making of a Team: Martin Gilbert

In this episode we speak with Martin Gilbert, Co-founder & retired CEO of Aberdeen Asset Management, listed on Harvard Business School’s world’s top performing CEOs, Martin is now Chairman of Revolut Limited and Toscafund. We talk about how even good individual players play better in a team, the importance of using every day to achieve something, and the need to stop applauding failure and celebrate successes.
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Developing leaders around you: Helen Bierton & Serena Guthrie

In this episode with Helen Bierton, Chief Banking Officer at Starling Bank and Serena Guthrie, English Netball Captain, we talk about how striving to be the best version of yourself, driven by passion and curiosity, can be an incredibly powerful source of confidence and motivation. We also discuss how understanding your strengths can enable you to develop your leadership skills and make space for those around you to develop theirs.
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Breaking the Mould: Louise O’Shea & Amy Williams MBE

The attributes of courage, perseverance and adaptability are all essential for individual success and impactful leadership. “I’ve had moments when I have recognised I’ve been on a path and I’ve looked ahead and I’ve realised I am on this path and I can do it but do I really want to get to the destination point?” In this episode we talk to Louise O’Shea, CEO of Confused.com and Amy Williams, Olympic Gold Medalist in the Skelton, about how they have applied these attributes to step out of their comfort zone, break the mould and pave the way for others to…
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Leading on Mental Wellbeing : Rob Stephenson & Helen Richardson-Walsh

In this episode we speak to leading mental health campaigner Rob Stephenson and gold medal winning hockey player Helen Richardson Walsh on their experiences of the impact of mental Health on individual and team performance and how the environment you are in can turn this into a performance advantage. The current environment has made us all take stock of how we manage wellbeing and mental health. This applies to individuals as much as it offers a challenge to leaders on how to create an environment that is conducive to supporting positive mental health and resilience. “One of the great untapped…
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Elite Team Culture: Dr Hannah MacLeod

In Episode 1 we’re joined by Olympic gold medallist Dr Hannah MacLeod to discuss how Team GB’s hockey team regrouped from failure to become the best in the world within 18 months. What role did team culture, values and confidence play in beating elite competition – and how can these lessons be applied to business?
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Connecting Employees to a Strategy: Sian Jones

What does it take to win and to become CEO of a business? Sian Jones lends insights into how to turn around a business in 18 months. “If you don’t have the “why do anything at all”, then there is no way of connecting your employees to the strategy, it’s just a set of work tasks.” CEO of Xoserve the Central Data Service Provider (CDSP) for Great Britain’s gas market. Sian’s career began with Accenture, where she helped launch Sainsbury’s first online grocery shopping service and the Nectar loyalty card programme. Sian is currently a non-executive board member for the…
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Aspirational Future State: Greg Baker & Andy Salmon OBE

Andy Salmon and Greg Baker bring their life experiences of the Military and performance coaching to the Track Record podcast. Against difficult odds, they reveal how they’ve delivered significant wins with their teams. “Optimism isn’t necessarily looking through rose tinted specs… it’s about positively embracing and moving towards a better place and believing that that is entirely possible no matter the context.” Andy Salmon – CMG, OBE, Commandant General of the Royal Marines, and creator of immersive art experiences that lead to a better life. Greg Baker – Long term head coach of the UK Paralympic Table Tennis programme. A graduate of the…
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Buying Why Not What: Claire Koryczan & Andrew Tarver

What does it take for leaders to fulfil their potential? How can they be resilient in the face of change and inspire their team to follow them as they shape and change their businesses from the top. Claire Koryczan and Andrew Tarver share their insights in this podcast.
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