Our Team

Meet your coaches. With our unique individual and combined experience of what it takes to perform at the very highest levels of world sports, our tight knit team work hand in hand with you to achieve great things.

David Carry

Founder & CEO

David’s Purpose: “Inspire purpose and ignite passion to fulfil potential” 

During his Olympic Swimming career, spanning three Games, David developed a love for understanding and enhancing performance alongside capturing consistent traits amongst elite performers. It was the realisation of the power of coaching that triggered his study and a career as a performance coach. Alongside his sporting career, David completed his ILM level 7 In Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring following studying Business Studies at RGU.

Katherine Moore

Managing Director 

Katherine’s Purpose: “Challenge current beliefs, explore true potential and take the first step”

Throughout her ten years working in Olympic sport as a performance physiotherapist and then Head of Sports Science and Medicine, Katherine has mentored multiple Olympic Champions developing a passion and expertise for enabling people to train their resilience capacity while delivering their personal best performance. Alongside an MSc in Neuro-musculo-skeletal Physiotherapy, Katherine has completed her ILM Level 7 in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring. She joined Track Record in 2017.

Dr Scott Gardner


Scott’s Purpose: “Enhance the lives of high achievers”

During his 20 years in elite sport as the performance scientist and coach to gold medalists at the last four Olympic Games, Scott has developed a rare mix of commercial acumen, people skills and scientific rigour.

Alongside his PhD in Exercise Physiology, Scott has completed his Human Systems Advanced Leadership Coaching and Mentoring qualifications.

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