Case Study

a Team Environment

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The Challenge

A leadership team under significant pressure in the face of poor results, individually struggling to maintain energy and focus and creating a “threat state” environment for each other and ricocheting shock waves through the business.

Track Record Support

Through individual coaching we supported each leader to understand how to turn stress into a performance advantage for them, the team and the wider business.

The first step was understanding their current levels of resilience across 4 key domains – physical, emotional, mental and identity. We then worked through how to increase their resources and capacity in each domain and the impact this has on those around them.  This allows creation of performance habits to optimise rapid recharge and recovery resulting in a more consistent optimised performance across all areas of life.

We then worked with the whole team to help them understand the triggers that took them into “threat state” and the choices they had to move quickly back to and maintain “challenge” state for the benefit of themselves and the business.

Training resilience can offer 2 big advantages to leaders:

  1. The opportunity to improve their ability to prepare, recover and adapt to stress as individuals allowing them to deliver a more optimal and consistent performance
  2. The understanding of how to create a “challenge not threat state” environment for their teams so that everyone can thrive.


Baseline and repeated stress/recovery data was completed through 4 day HRV (heart rate variability) measures that give individuals a very accurate picture of how they manage stress and effectively recharge and recover. This also allows people to test their performance habits and provides data to show if they are really making a difference. Below is a sample from a report showing how that persons battery was being drained:

Resilience Report

A weekly resilience audit tool was used to create awareness and choice around how people were spending their energy – get in touch if you want to check your resilience levels right now!

The Impact

Within 3 months individuals were able to increase their resilience capacity and create new habits enabling them to maintain more consistent levels of energy, behaviours and performance.

The combination of this awareness, a common language around resilience and an ownership of the impact the leadership team had on the environment set within the business resulted in a significant shift. Both in terms of how the leadership team behaved, addressed issues and creatively problem solved and crucially how they shock-absorbed on behalf of the business resulting in a challenge state environment allowing their teams to be engaged, develop and perform to a high level.

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