Plan Like An Olympic Team – Smart Goal Setting

Confidence is an important psychological contributor to performance and a powerful differentiator between winning and losing teams. When seeking to enhance the performance of an organisation, monitoring, measuring and actively enhancing, confidence is one of the most powerful things you can do to influence your success.

Plan like an Olympic Team has been designed for teams to increase their confidence to perform by increasing clarity, cohesion and alignment in the pursuit of its ambition.

This coaching programme decodes the things a team needs to uncover performance advantages, be more successful and create a more fulfilling environment. Imagine being part of a team that is totally prepared, knowing that your collective  choices will bring you closer to your desired team ambition.

We have drawn upon our Olympic heritage and our first hand experience  with some of the world’s best teams  and unearthed the key elements of confidence essential  for a high performing team.

Team confidence is rooted in 4 key components:

Belief In Purpose

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Ownership Of Identity

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Clarity Of The Win

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Commitment To Perform

Effective Team Planning

  • The programme is designed for teams and will empower  the team to develop practical methodologies and  a common language of high performance. 
  • Uncover the power of Purpose: Belief in a purpose beyond an outcome focus that inspires discretionary effort.
  • How to use Values as a performance advantage: Ownership of identity through identification of values and winning behaviours.
  • Manage Energy, not time: Allocation of time, energy and resources to create focus on key priorities.
  • Define your Team Win: Clarity on a tangible measure of success, creating alignment within the team and direct contribution to the organisation’s ambition.
  • Identify team Critical Elements : Focus on the known steps to achieving the desired outcome and a process to mitigate risk and identify barriers, opportunities and support required. 
Who Is Plan Like An Olympic Team For?

This programme is suitable for teams of any size and will benefit both longer established teams in need of re-energising and re-aligning, as well as newly formed teams developing new goals.

We also offer a programme for individuals – “Plan Like an Olympian” which applies a similar methodology but focuses more on the personal ambitions of the individual. 

How Does It Work?

The coaching programme will take place over six sessions and is delivered via Zoom.

Alongside the 6 live group coaching sessions, you will have a digital workbook which will support the session content and contains a lot of extra resources.

Throughout the programme, our coaches will support your team in developing a collective and individual Win (goal). We’ll work with you to identify critical elements needed to achieve your win and the key stakeholders and their roles in the process. 

We will also carry out “pre-mortem” planning which is a methodology employed by elite athletes and explores the challenges that could arise and how you’ll handle them. 

The coaching programme will build momentum for your team, improve clarity and cohesion and help each team member to unlock a greater level of fulfilment. 

Our Leadership Coaches

Our experience at the very highest levels of the sporting world across a combined 11 Olympic games has given us first hand experience developing world class teams. Each TR coach provides a unique perspective, born from their competitive sporting background and translated into the business environment.

Our coaching methodology is grounded in sports science and psychology and has been honed using our experience coaching many leadership teams across all sectors to maximise their potential. 

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We also offer other Fast Track programmes to optimise team environment and exploring how to plan like an Olympian or Olympic team. 

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