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What are the Fast Track programmes?

The Fast Track programmes are a series of online masterclasses for individuals and teams on how to win well in the workplace. We have drawn upon our experience of sustaining high performing teams and environments to develop the following programmes:

  • PRIME Resilience – How to use stress and pressure as a performance advantage.
  • Plan like an Olympian – How to self-generate confidence to increase performance levels.
  • Plan like an Olympic Team – How to increase the clarity, cohesion and momentum within your team ensuring higher levels of confidence and performance focus.
  • Optimising your Team Environment – How to rapidly build trust, understand the person behind the performance and increase psychological safety within your working environment.

The data-powered coaching approach ensures that each person has a tailored experience, has cohort support and is able to directly apply the insights to their own workplace performance.

Our Fast Track Programmes

PRIME Resilience

Our Fast Track Prime Resilience coaching programme is designed to improve your capacity to be resilient, turn stress into a performance advantage and develop lasting positive habits.

Resilience is a trainable skill and improving it can lead to increased job satisfaction, engagement, work-life balance and performance at work.

We’ll coach you on how to optimise your all 5 domains – physical/mental/emotional/identity/recharge to reframe how you think and, maximise self-awareness to fuel your best life.

Plan Like An Olympian

This coaching programme supports each person to design their own life and identify how they can best contribute to their organisation in a meaningful way ensuring each person is able self generate performance enhancing confidence.

This programme will empower you with the Olympic methodology for defining and setting goals that matter to you and your organisation, pre-mortem planning for every eventuality, understanding and mapping your journey.

Plan Like An Olympic Team

Whilst individual wins are important, team players are invaluable to a thriving business. Taking lessons directly from our coaching team’s Olympic experience, this programme will increase the clarity, cohesion and momentum within your team through a shared Win, identity and performance plan ensuring higher levels of confidence and performance focus.

Throughout the course of the programme, we’ll explore practical techniques derived from Olympic experience to unlock your team’s full performance potential.

Optimising Your Team Environment

Discover how to develop the optimal environment for your team to thrive with this programme. We help to build self-awareness and self-regulation of your actions within your own environment resulting in a deeper awareness of those around you.

Understand how actions and language can create either threat or challenge state environments for your team and unlock methodologies to optimise your environment to get the best out of individuals and the team as a whole.

Unsure which programme would benefit you most?

Get in touch with one of our coaches to discuss which programme is most suited to your needs


Track your own or your team’s current levels using our tracking tools to discover which areas require the most work.

How does it work?

Each of the coaching programmes consists of six digital interactive practical coaching sessions. Our expert coaches run these sessions via Zoom. You will be allocated to a cohort who will offer support and challenge throughout the programme.

Our Coaches

Our coaches all have years’ of experience in the elite sporting world. Through our combined experience across 11 Olympic Games we have developed bespoke coaching methodologies with proven results.

We have worked with hundreds of FTSE C-suite teams to transform their performance through our coaching programmes.

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