Case Study

Enhancing Team Performance Through
Data-Powered Team Coaching

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The Challenge

We were invited to facilitate a day-long session for a newly formed leadership team. The primary objectives were to boost alignment, cohesion, and shared ambitions. Given the team’s impressive past performance, the session was designed to build and amplify this momentum.

Track Record Support

In ensuring a tailored approach, we collaborated closely with the team leader in shaping the session. Our diagnostic tool, the ‘Team Environment Tracker‘, was implemented to pinpoint key indicators that, when optimised, would uplift the team environment. This is grounded in the understanding that a conducive team environment directly correlates with heightened team performance.

Session Breakdown

The Session was organised into five focused sprints :

Current Capacity of the Team : An in-depth analysis of the present scenario, with an emphasis on stress and pressure assessment

Future State AmbitionVisionary exercises to outline and align the team’s long-term objectives.

12-month Team Win : A systematic approach to goal setting and performance planning for the upcoming year.

Optimising Team Players : Personalised exercises aimed at understanding and leveraging individual strengths.

Optimising Team Dynamics : Collective exercises to improve team dynamics and address any current drags.

Feedback and Performance Metrics

NPS Score : A remarkable NPS score of 93 was achieved, reflecting high participant satisfaction levels.

Participants Insights

In-depth Comprehension : Enhanced understanding of team dynamics and clearer future roadmap.

Self-awareness Boost : Insightful exercises fostered introspection, aiding members in understanding their roles and pinpointing growth zones.

Team Morale : Activities reaffirmed confidence in the team’s potential and capabilities.

Communication Upgrade : The session amplified communication strategies, emphasising the understanding of individual working rhythms and stress indicators.

Stress Management Tools : Participants valued tools, such as the threat graph, that empowered them to navigate stress individually and as a collective.

Feedback Outcomes

Rating Spectrum : The majority of attendees ranked their experience as a 9 or 10 out of 10, reflecting the session’s efficacy.

Highlighted Benefits

Personal Growth : Activities underscored the importance of self-awareness, aiding members in defining their roles and recognising growth areas.

Collaboration Blueprint : The session offered a clearer view of individual team members, paving the way for efficient collaborations.

Communication Channels : Sessions underscored the value of transparent communication.

Team Alignment : By the conclusion, the team was equipped with a cohesive vision, ensuring unanimous alignment with set goals.

Participant Recommendations

The session was hailed for its significant positive impact on team dynamics. Attendees emphasised the pivotal role of open dialogue, understanding teammates’ perspectives, and the essence of cohesive teamwork.


The bespoke session curated by Track Record proved immensely beneficial. Feedback underscored its tangible positive impacts on both individual and team dimensions. This study illuminates the vital role of strategic team sessions in forging a harmonious, high-performing professional environment.



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