Elevating Performance with Passion and Discipline : Alistair Brownlee & Ben Marrel

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What drives us to endure pain, to wake up before dawn, or to keep working toward our goals when progress feels painstakingly slow?

In this conversation with Alistair Brownlee and Ben Marrel, we explore the heartbeat of high performance – motivation. We’ll explore how ingrained habits of hard work and embracing discomfort are not just the bedrock of athletic achievement but also entrepreneurial success.


Ben’s experience as a founder and his passion for entrepreneurship led him to co-found Breega, a pan-European founder-led VC backing tech startups from PreSeed to Series B stage.

Ben has built Breega to provide founders with the help he wished he had when he launched his own ventures. He debuted his entrepreneurial journey by launching Rugby Division, a disruptive rugbywear brand, and FiftyFor, the first financial rating platform for SMEs in Africa.

Ben began his career in M&A, working on large cross-border deals and Series D+ in Tech for Macquarie Bank in London and Sydney. He is also a referenced thought leader and invited speaker on venture capital, digital transformation, emerging market investment, climate tech, the future of fintech…

Today, Ben sits at the Board and advises major tech scaleups such as Moneybox, 011h, Cuvva, GoJob to propel them to global success.

Alistair Brownlee MBE is a triathlete. He has achieved great success in his career and is the only male athlete to have won two Olympic gold medals in the individual triathlon event. He won the gold medals in the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games.

Alistair was introduced to triathlon at a young age by his uncle Simon Hearnshaw, who regularly competed in the sport. As a junior, he was a successful fell and cross country runner, coming second in the Junior English Cross Country Championships and winning the Yorkshire County title on several occasions.

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