Decoding High Performance : Patrick Harding & George Hadjigeorgiou

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Patrick Harding and George Hadjigeorgiou, our esteemed guests and leading figures in their respective domains, share narratives that decode the essence of high performance. They contend that it’s about surpassing self-imposed milestones and the silent benchmarks instilled in our early years. With riveting anecdotes, they elucidate how consistency in action and behaviour is paramount, regardless of the situation at hand.

This episode explores the art of bouncing back from failures and the importance of detaching one’s sense of self from performance outcomes. Together, we examine the strategies akin to those used in elite sports coaching that can be seamlessly integrated into career development. We showcase how individuals can steer their professional journey toward sustained success by championing personal values. Patrick and George vividly illustrate this approach with stories from the front lines of athletic and entrepreneurial endeavours.

About Patrick Harding : Patrick Harding is a Performance Coach with 14 years’ experience in Elite Sport. He is a Chartered Physiotherapist, Strength & Conditioning Coach as well as a Mental Performance Coach and utilises this skillset in creating the optimal environment for athletes to reach their personal and professional potential His experience spans multiple Olympic Games, Premier League Football, Professional Boxing and the PGA Tour to name a few. More recently he’s been using the same methods to support CEO’s, CFO’s and corporate sector workers through their own journeys of growth and self discovery.

About George Hadjigeorgiou : George Hadjigeorgiou co-founded ZOE to help millions gain an extra decade of healthy years by offering personalized health insights and advice so that people can be proactive about their health decades before diseases arise.

He was previously CEO of HouseTrip (acquired by TripAdvisor) and co-founder of efood (acquired by Delivery Hero), one of the leading food delivery platforms in Europe. George studied Mechanical Engineering at Tufts & MIT.

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