Case Study

Decoding High Performance
For a Team Environment.

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The Challenge

We were asked to support a team who thought they had a problem with their culture. This team had an impressive track record but their recent results had been impacted by high churn and unhappy people.

Track Record Support

Through our initial discovery phase we identified the issue was the team environment rather than the culture. The difference being that the culture is the underlying values/unwritten rules of the organisation which are durable and slow to change as they are shaped by systems/strategy/history and the team environment is malleable and changes rapidly and is shaped by daily actions of leaders.

Therefore we deployed our Team Environment Tracker to identify the key drags and propulsions within the team.

The Impact

The Team Environment Tracker enabled targeted coaching and team effort to actively shift the areas identified as a collective. We pulsed the Team Environment Tracker every quarter to support the programme with real-time data insights and track progress.

Not only did the team environment significantly improve for the people within it as seen by a reduction in attrition, higher trust levels and improved ESS scores, the external reputation of the team shifted impacting hiring ability and the performance level of the team improved.



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