Confident leaders are critical to high performanceConfident leaders
critical to
high performance

Are you struggling to retain your best people and reward
your employees without constant salary boosts?

Our Olympian coaches will help you engage and
motivate your team with the Confident Leaders programme.

Elevate your leaders to perform consistently at an Olympic level.

Create Confident Leaders with our Olympian coaches Create Confident
Leaders with
our Olympian coaches

During David’s Olympic Swimming career, spanning
3 Olympic Games, his experience gave him a love for
understanding enhanced performance.

Having performed consistently under pressure for 10 years, he developed an
awareness of consistent traits amongst fellow elite athletes and experienced,
first-hand, the power of coaching.

Katherine’s ability to help people reach peak
performance is second to none.

Through Katherine’s 12 year career as Head of Sports Science and Medicine supporting multiple Olympic Champions to reach their potential, she
developed a passion for analysing, tracking and creating sustainable high
performance. This now translates into supporting leaders to
create environments in order to win well.

Katherine Moore & David Carry

Give your leaders the skills
they need to perform consistently and sustain success
Give your leaders the skills they need to
perform consistently and sustain success

David and Katherine understand what it’s like to perform under pressure. Drawing from their experiences of competing and coaching at multiple Olympics, they take your leaders from competent to confident.

The tailored approach means that each person takes away what they need, to reach their personal peak and levels of performance that currently seem out of reach.

This programme will give you:

Consistent leadership through a shared framework

Skills to practice and implement immediately

Leaders that feel supported and prepared to adapt

Collaboration and connections across business functions

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David and Katherine draw on their successful Olympic
careers and understanding of sport to create sustainable
performance throughout your team.

If you want to help your leaders become confident,
consistent performers, get in touch.

Here are a handful of the teams we’ve coached
to become Confident Leaders:

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