Case Study

Developing confidence
to create a high-performance environment


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The Challenge

A cyber security company came to us with a challenge that we often see within businesses – they wanted to support their top talent to become effective leaders, equipping them with skills and knowledge needed to create a positive team culture that could deliver against its potential.

They also wanted to create a common language of performance, using terminology that was understood by all to promote a cohesive approach for the leaders of the business. As a global company, it was important for these key leaders to develop their network and interconnectivity within the business; therefore they wanted the programme to be delivered in person.

Getting The Team On Track 

Drawing from our Olympic heritage of creating and sustaining high-performing teams, we delivered our interactive Confident Leaders coaching programme. The holistic nature of this meant that we focused on the members of the team as individuals and what they needed from us, not just what the business needed from them.

This enabled them to define new ways of supporting themselves and leading their teams to foster an environment that would enable optimal performance and create a peer support network through this new community within the business. Through the 3-day programme, we provided tangible frameworks and tools which the team could use instantly to measure, monitor, and maintain success.

The Win

The attendees developed the confidence to understand what they needed as individuals to optimise their own approach to being a leader and create a high-performance environment. They also became able to deal with challenges effectively, as well as creating a support network amongst their peers.

The business gained clarity on where to focus their energy to create the biggest benefit, and how to create impact through effectively supporting this leadership group. They saw increased retention and motivation throughout their team.



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